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My Bookish Life Book Review: Episodic Sleep Disorder

               Hello everybody! How are you guys? I hope everybody is doing good. I have a very busy day planned for today but while I have a few minutes this morning I want to go ahead and publish my first book review of this month. I know it's getting late in the month and it's pretty bad that I haven't published one before now but I have been super busy with my kiddo and everything. so with that being said lets get on with this review!


Title: Episodic Sleep Disorders
Author: E.L. Haines
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 96
Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: Beware, Beware, the beast of Lozere! Who lurks in your dreams, and knows how to scare. You will freeze at the sight of a strange dancing at night and the dead in their coffins will stare.

            A menacing wolf is terrorizing the village of Loreze . A beautiful young girl has lost her family and her best friend to this nightmare when Sparrow shows up with his characteristic curiosity. But all is not as it seems in this cold mountain village , where the beasts are like men and the men are like beasts. 

Sparrow came to Lozere to tell stories but, he stayed for the stories Lozere told him.

                 Mu thoughts on the book: I liked this book ! It was short but vivid and some parts were really trippy like with the masks for example. I have to say if you like the movie director Tim Burton you might like this book. 

                      Sparrow himself seems to be an interesting character . I do want to read more books with this character in it.  I also thought the children in this book where interesting because of how they developed and played with their friends. 

                 I liked the story and found it to be exciting and interesting . Since I liked the story and the characters and it was a easy read I have to give the story 4 stars.  I for sure want to read more stuff by this author. By the way if you happen to be interested in buying the book you can find it on amazon in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback formats.

That's it for now. If you have read this book please leave your thoughts in the comments. Also if you happen to like my content please subscribe to my blog. That's it for now and I hope you all have a nice day . I will most likely be back tomorrow with another review. 


  1. Thanks for this excellent review! I'm very happy that you enjoyed the book and I hope you will read more of my stories to come!


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