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My Bookish Life: Top Ten Books For 2020

                          Hello everybody ! How are you all doing ? I hope you all are doing great . It's been busy for me . It's getting close to Christmas so it's been very busy with my family. 

            However, I did tell you all my top 10 books of the year would be out this week so I'm finally publishing that article! I will admit that this years list has been hard for me to make . I had a very hard time deciding what books to put on the list and in what order to do it . So to decide some of that I had a tournament in my mind at least that consisted of the best books I've read this year. 

            This article took over a week to put together so I hope you all enjoy this top 10 ! For the record #1 and #2 are interchangeable . This list is counting down from #10 to #1 and does include honorable mentions . Here we go lets do this ! 

                 #10 Title: The Dark Tower : Treachery
                     Authors: Stephen King and Robin Furth
                                          Genre: Graphic Novel

             Why it's on my top 10 list: As a whole the graphic novel series is a really good adaptation of the book series . This collection in particular does a really good job of telling what happened between young Roland and his mom. The artwork in these books is also really beautiful . I would recommend this series even if you don't normally read graphic novels.

#9 : Title : Lock Every Door
Author: Riley Sager
Genre: Horror

Why it's on my top #10 list: I think if somebody likes 80s' horror movies they would love this book ! It reads just like an 80s' horror movie . I love 80s' horror movies so I mean that as a complement. 

         I for sure want to checkout more of Riley Sager's books! This was one very intriguing to say the least . I hope the authors other books are as good as this one! 

#8 Title: Horns
Author : Joe Hill
Genre: Horror

Why it's on my top 10 list: 
        I thought the story was actually pretty good. I also liked the books sense of humor . The main reason why this book is on my top ten is because I found the way the author covered the devil being within certain characters to be rather interesting. If you haven't checked out the author Joe Hill you should he is a very good writer. 

#7  Title: Satori in Paris and Pic Two Novels 
Author : Jack Kerouac 
Genre: I'm goin to say Classic

Why it's on my top 10 list : 
       Satori in Paris was an ok story but I did think Jack Kerouac could write better than that one. However, it still wasn't a bad story really. Then however for me the second novel Pic did more than completely redeem this book. It has for sure left a mark on my mind! It's been awhile since I've read it now and I still find myself thinking about this story on occasion. 

            Pic is a story that's easy to get into because Jack did a very good job at making the characters in the story feel like real people . The rhythm  and flow of this story was also very good. I read that Pic was the last story he ever wrote and if that's true I'm glad he got to go out on what I would consider to be a high note.

#6 Title: Episodic Sleep Disorders
Author : E.L. Haines 
Genre: I think fantasy

Why it's on my top 10 list: 
          I found some parts of the story to be pretty interesting.  For example the concept of the children in the story creating these imaginary friends to help them deal with having over active imaginations. I also liked the Sparrow character. I would recommend this book to people who like the director Tim Burton.

#5 Title: Saga
Author : Brian K. Vaughan 
Genre : Graphic Novel

Why it's on my top 10 list: If you haven't read Saga yet you really should . It's one of the vest graphic novels I've ever read. It's about a family trying to keep out of a war and just keep their family safe . It does a really good job of tackling family issues too. Even if you don't normally read graphic novels you should for sure give this one a chance!

4. Black Beauty 
Author: Anna Sewell
Genre : Classic 

Why it's on my top ten list: 
             This one surprised me. I didn't expect to like it but, the story ended up being really good! It's a rollercoaster of a story. Some parts are heartbreaking but however some parts are heartwarming.  I would highly recommend this book to pretty much anybody!

#3 Title : Paperbacks From Hell
Author : Grady Hendrix
Genre: Non-fiction 

Why it's on my top ten list: 
              I love the horror genre ! I found the history of the horror paperback to be very interesting.  I want to read more books by Grady Hendrix! 

       Alot of the books mentioned in the book sound very interesting and entertaining.  I would love to take the Paperbacks From Hell reading challenge! I would recommend this book to anybody who loves the horror genre! 

#2. Title: The Institute
Author : Stephen King
Genre: Sci-fi/Horror

Why it's on my top 10 list: 
       I really loved the story Stephen King told in this book. I think he does some of his best writing when the story deals with mental abilities and that is something that shows in this book ! I think as the years pass this one could become a classic King book. If you are a fan of Stephen King and you haven't read this one you really should ! 

#1. Title: The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower 
Author: Stephen King 
Genre: Western, Sci-fi,  horror , fantasy

Why it's on my top 10 list : 
       Ok if you are a Stephen King fan and you haven't  read this series yet you really should . You wouldn't think that the western, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres could be mixed and have it turn out to be good but, somehow King managed to do it and it turned out amazingly good. It's also some of the craziest most imaginative stuff you will ever read .

          In this series King created a huge multiverse that connects pretty much all of his other books . The world he created is very immersive and described in good detail. He even created a language for this series . 

The last book in this series will make you cry ! I do have to say it's an excellent ending to such an adventure.  It may even be the only way a story like this could end . Ka is a wheel!

Honorable Mentions:

That's it for my top ten list of the year! I did my best to be fair and unbiased. I really hope you enjoyed reading this article ! If you like my content please give my blog a follow. That's it for now I will be back soon with a review of Good Omens .I hope you all have a good night ! Goodbye for now!

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