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My Bookish Life Book Review: Stranger Back Home

 Good morning and how are you guys? I hope you all are doing good this morning.  I'm having a good day so far but , it's going to get busy. I have my coffee ready and while I have a few minutes I want to work on my blog some and write a review. So let's do this !

Title: Stranger Back Home
Author: E.L. Haines
Genre: Fantasy
pages: 276
Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis: One day your father is a renowned diplomat . The next day he is a terrorist .

  When Sparrow is summoned to the reading of his father's last will and testament, the most he hoped for was a minor bequest , Instead he inherited suspicion and accusations from the Empire his father helped unite.

Locked away in a vault are the secrets that will  reveal Xavier DuMont's mysterious past and shine a light on Sparrow's future. Perhaps even the future of the entire realm.

Of course these secrets want be easily obtained. Especially when everybody in this magical realm seems so racist. 

Social dynamics in this world are pretty strange . Some how Sparrow makes everything stranger.

  My thoughts on the book: I thought it was a decent read. I like Haines's sense of humor , I thought parts of it were really funny! 

I also liked the story telling and the fantasy elements. I was intrigued by the secrets in the story too which I don't want to reveal to much about because I don't want to spoil the story. I am interested in seeing where the characters go next. 

 That's another thing, I did really like the characters . My favorite was probably Thorgar . He was just a really awesome character and I hope the author does more with him in the future. .

 It was an easy read . Really the only flaw with it was how the notes work on kindle and that's not the writers fault. Overall though, I have to give it 3 stars because it was a decent fantasy story and I loved the humor! Seriously, I want more stories with Thorgar though!

  That's it for this reading update . I hope you all have a good day . I'm about to have to head in to work . I will talk to you all again later . I have started reading No Easy Day by Mark Owens and it will be the next book I review so stay tuned for that! Also, if you like my content please subscribe to my blog and if you have read this book please leave your thoughts in the comments. I will talk to you all again later!


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